One minute I'm smiling, sipping my beer, and laughing. And the next, it was like I was in one of those movies where the sound was drowned out.  I couldn't hear the Vietnamese voices around me, the laughter faded away, and all I could do is force a smile and stare at my beer. I... Continue Reading →

The actual travel part of traveling can be (insert answer here)!

The actual travel part of traveling can be... That’s right you said it long, awful, dreadful, and downright exhausting.  Before I flew out last week, everyone I saw asked me, “Are you excited?”  A common question to ask someone getting ready to take a four-month trip to a foreign country.  Of course I was excited... Continue Reading →

Next Stop

I giggle to myself as my mind finally processes what I’m doing.  I sip on a TsingTao (one of my favorite Asian beers), while reading a fascinating book on someone’s recount of their experience in North Korea, as the rest of the fliers are tricked into sleeping with all the darkness on the plane.  It’s... Continue Reading →

2017 The Year of Gratitude

Every year, I enjoy compiling my photos and memories to create a summary video to share with my family and friends all over the globe.  When I tried to think of words to summarize this year, I got pulled towards words like lost, confused, stuck.  I felt like I’m in this middle ground where I... Continue Reading →

Chaotic Fridays

This is a flashback post from when I was living in South Korea teaching English. Fridays were always the most hectic days.  They were the best and worst day of the week.  I went into work at 1pm and planned lessons for 2 hours before I had seven 40 minute classes in a row.  So... Continue Reading →

Accept It

My body shivers. As I lay there hoping that I warm up, I wonder if I’m cold because I spilt water on my last dry pair of pants. Or is it because of the wet clothes hanging above me dripping water. Possibly it can be that I’m lying on a concrete floor in a small... Continue Reading →

A Chapter Ends

Five days ago, I left my home of Korea for the last 18 months.  Although I am currently traveling the world and having a trip that many people can't even dream of, I still can't help feeling sad about leaving my life, my friends, family, and a culture that will remain a part of me... Continue Reading →

Cheers to 2016!

Cheers to 2016.  The year of Kimchiland.  The year that challenged me and my family.  The year that helped me grow.  The year that allowed me to discover new values.  The year that kept me active.  The year that was an adventure in itself. This year was my first full year living in Korea.  I... Continue Reading →

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